The Benefits Of Using The MotoMed Therapy System

motomed movement therapy

The MotoMed Motion Therapy System is specifically designed to assist patients suffering from spinal cord injuries with limited range of motion to actively contribute to their treatment by successfully improving muscle strength and balance, and increase flexibility. With these benefits, a patient undergoing Motomed Motion Therapy can expect an improved level of physical fitness and overall wellness. With this therapy, the patient will experience an increased level of stability with better posture, a better range of motion for his or her body, and a better overall balance.


The MotoMed Motion Therapy System was designed specifically for those who have been injured in an accident, are experiencing difficulty in mobility, or are suffering from neurological impairments. This unique physical therapy system is safe to use and effective. The MotoMed Motion Therapy System does not involve any form of surgery, and all of the movements that are performed can be done in a wheelchair, using a stairlift or with the aid of a manual wheelchair.

The MotoMed Motion Therapy System uses the principle of active mobilization of the body, which involves stretching and relaxing muscles through a variety of non-invasive ways, such as regular exercises, stretching, light cardiovascular activity, and stretching. By performing these various motions daily, the body will gradually increase its strength and range of motion, allowing it to function at its most optimal level while maintaining balance.


The MotoMed Motion Therapy System utilizes three different methods to achieve this goal. The first method focuses on increasing the lower body strength, specifically the abdominal muscles, leg muscles, back muscles, and stabilizer muscles. This allows the patient to maintain an overall good posture, which leads to greater flexibility and more active range of motion. The second method of movement system physical therapy focused on balance, allows patients to perform many common tasks, such as lifting objects.

The third method of MotoMed Movement Therapy System focuses on balance. Because the Motomed Motion Therapy System includes a balance board, the patient is taught to perform basic movements while balancing on the board, such as reaching for things or moving around a room. The balance board provides the patient with the stability and balance that will allow him or her to complete many other daily tasks while helping them improve balance and flexibility.

motomed movement therapy


The MotoMed Therapy System consists of four modules that focus on improving range of motion, improving muscle strength and flexibility, strengthening joints, improving balance and coordination, and improving balance. This combined approach makes the system a powerful combination of traditional physical therapy techniques and the patient can utilize with a healthy lifestyle.

The MotoMed Therapy System has also received approval to treat a wide range of physical ailments, including arthritis, nerve disorders, spondylitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, whiplash, herniated discs, sports injuries, and more. With this variety of injuries and conditions, patients can expect better mobility, better function, better pain management and balance, and the ability to participate in more activities. The patients are provided with complete instruction and support to prevent reoccurrences of their original conditions.


While some patients experience some side effects with the MotoMed Motion Therapy System, most of them do not. Most symptoms respond positively, and patients experience minimal discomfort or pain when using the system. The system provides patients with the support and encouragement they need to take control of their mobility and regain the ability to be in the home and fully engage in daily activities.

The MotoMed Movement Therapy System is safe for patients who suffer from different physical conditions. Since the system is designed to target joint problems, the use of the system is most effective with patients who have experienced joint problems. For example, the program is not appropriate for those with degenerative joint conditions or those with arthritic conditions, because it is specifically aimed at addressing the problem at the joints. rather than the problem itself.

The MotoMed Therapy System has been in use since the mid-1990s. It has gained acceptance by doctors and physicians from all specialties because of its proven results. With the latest technology, the system continues to get better and provide better results for its users. This means that more people can enjoy the same benefits and experience new ones.

The MotoMed Movement Therapy System is designed for everyday use. The technology and the program are designed to provide a safe and effective way to improve movement and health through a comprehensive rehabilitation and maintenance plan. Patients who have undergone the program have reported an increased sense of mobility, improved posture, improved strength, increased balance and flexibility, decreased pain, improved range of motion, and greater levels of activity, and better pain management.

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